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This is a big post, readers. We’re going over into uncharted territory- explaining the unexplainable:

how great of a friend that Ms. C.D. is.

First, I’ll give you photo evidence:

She will put things like this on for me to set a good vibe. No one wants to at first, but she is the willing trendsetter.

She will put things like this on for me to set a good vibe. No one wants to at first, but she is the willing trendsetter.



Promise we’re not being the least bit obnoxious?

She’s friends with us goons. I’ll keep this post going a little longer so she’ll be a canonized saint by the end of it.

My first thought of Christina: (I was a freshman in high school walking into the first swim team practice of the summer, knowing no one.) Christina was in lane 4 of 8 lanes, which is very good for a freshman; I mean, I started in 7. I remember thinking, ‘I didn’t know short people could be good at swimming!’ It is rare though, let me tell you! Weird as it sounds, her shortness validated my shortness in the sport; I actually think our share of vertically challenged greatness made me a better athlete. Plus she was ALWAYS there for me emotionally on a bad day when my race didn’t go well, and I always had someone cheering me on at the end of the lane during a race. She would happily accept the task of holding my 500 sign (non-swimmers, just know this takes up a lot of time and concentration).

Now I’ll share a story. CD has said that a big role model in life are her parents. LONG story short, they were childhood neighbors, met back up completely randomly in ANOTHER COUNTRY and ended up happily married. You know the children of that miracle would also have to be miracles (true and true!)

I’ll explain Christina not by what I have seen, but by the extreme list of mostly what I have NOT seen-

I’ve never seen her bad-talk a soul. She’s responsible with her words.

I’ve never seen her give less than all she could.

Classic CDinh moment: we all go to do homework. She ends up helping everyone else with theirs and not mentioning for a second that it will put her behind in her HEAVY homework load as an engineering major. She shows SOOOOO much love through her actions.

I cannot say no to you, Christina! I truly believe I can only say that about you. I really love everything about you way too much; you’ve done SO much for me.

When Christina asked if I’d be up for a half marathon in two months (please remember, we are swimmers NOT runners), my inner response was, “GIRL you must mean swimming marathon right….I have not even run a 5k or 2 miles without walking….” and somehow I found myself saying “Let’s do it!” (Truly cannot say no. If she wasn’t such a good influence on me, it would be a problem)

So here’s that:

BEFORE 13.1 MILES as Zombie/Frankenstein brides

BEFORE 13.1 MILES as Zombie/Frankenstein brides

Christina, you are doing life right. I’m just hoping to tag along for the ride and enjoy all the time I get to spend with you; it’s all amazing. You are a best friend worth cherishing for ALWAYS. Girl, you SHINE. Can’t wait for a lifetime of friendship/sisterhood.


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