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Focus on the lovely girl on the right, please. The lovely girl on the left gets her own special post soon.

This girl- I remember really little important parts of her history. We would make snack plates filled with random crackers, cheese, and other delicious nonessentials and have a movie marathon in her lovely WSP home.  We’d run all over the place and people would ask if we were twins (“…or at least sisters?”).  She’s always up for a trip going somewhere, whether it is the local Festival of Nations, skiing up North, or a few months away in Japan.

Now is the part where you may be asking why these particular moments were important parts of her history. This history is part of me, too, and an important piece of who I am.


In case you don’t recognize the Hannah from the 8th grade time capsule, here’s the truly fabulous 2012 update.

“They say” that if you stay best friends with someone for seven years, you will keep the friendship for a lifetime.

You’ve been in the lifetime friendship club since day one Hannah, but now I’m very glad that “they’ve” made our lifetime friendship sound official, considering we’ve been best friends for nine years now.

I’ll remember the girl who drove all over town to say hello to me, amidst finals studying, after a few months of separation. I will not remember the code for Computer Science that I somehow managed to write out well on the final without the elaborate knowledge that was expected of me. I rarely will nudge studying time out for anything as anyone close to me will attest, but I made an exception for a pretty important reason. As the title states, I’ll remember the sweet confidante, not the code.

Also, this was not meant to hate on Computer Science. Related articles will explain to you the joys one can experience from Computer Science classes. Just because my first try at code was not wildly successful doesn’t mean practice can’t allow for improvement. Maybe, one long day away from this one, I’ll appreciate writing code as much as these authors do. Never say never.


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