Lima- Finally Beyond the Airport!


This post explains part 3 of 5 of my unexpected trip across Peru- visit each of these posts in the order to understand this post’s part of the story!

After an 8 AM flight with an unsuccessful attempt to land in Arequipa, we made it through lines in the airport…and by we, I mean my ‘travel team’- a mother and sweet 5-year-old daughter, Camila, who would endearingly call me ‘Tia’ throughout the whole trip, and a sister who was absolutely fabulous to learn about her life as well- all of us we Arequipans, so of course I had some nice people by my side!

After making a point of getting the same hotel and flight the next day, we made it to the Sheraton in downtown Lima- much closer than our Lima hotel the night before. We made it to the hotel by 3 PM, and had the whole day ahead of us! After finally sending an email to my parents (and failing to mention that the airline gave us places to stay each they thought I was stranded at the Lima airport for two days, as a single college traveler..oops?), we went walking around the vibrant area near our hotel, and I was very touristy in that I did not shy away from the opportunity to take photos while discovering a few streets of Lima.

So much fabulous architecture – as you can see from these photos, though there was SO much more with no time to capture it all!  Sweet Camila held my hand the entire time and loved skipping everywhere…so we skipped! I love traveling because no one knows you…so go skip around with a 5-year-old, her lovely mom, and a 20-year-old nun…no questions asked! It was definitely something new for me, but somehow it ended up being a really lovely evening. By this time, I had my schedule for sickness pills down to a science, so I was able to enjoy the day (except didn’t eat a thing, as I had no hunger!).

7:30 PM rolled around after mass at the gorgeous Iglesia de Santo Domingo, and we had a great dinner together- thanks for covering the bill, LAN!

After dinner, we needed sleep for our 4 AM wake-up time to catch our next flight attempt at  6:30 in the morning on Monday.

Here are the photos of my room (so comfortable!):

Monday rolled around bright and early- breakfast consisted of fresh fruit and tea. We made it into the taxi at 5:15 AM, and finally walked into the airport at 5:45 AM.  The boarding for our flight began at 5:50, but there was a line for checked baggage that looked like it would take at least an hour to get through. I had nothing more than my purple backpack this entire time, so there was no reason for me to stand in this line except solidarity with the travel team. After ten minutes though, I knew I had to leave them to make the flight, and they understood, though we did honestly think we would meet back up on the flight. By the time I made it through security, though, I had to sprint to the flight as it was being announced over the loudspeaker as the ‘last-call’ for the flight.

I had hope that something would happen and at the last minute I would see three familiar faces make it onto the plane, but it didn’t work out this way. For this reason, I am sad to say that if I see the other three travel friends again, it will be by chance in the streets of Arequipa- but I’m hopeful!

The flight was bumpier than average, but the ending was SUCH a success that I didn’t mind any turbulence for one minute- because we had made it to Arequipa, finally! I was also lucky enough to have my first window seat of the trip, so I grabbed the following photos of the land we were passing over:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My final post of this 5-post trip explanation will concern trip takeaways, what I’d like to know more about in Cusco and Lima, and a brief explanation of the experience from my three original travel companions who were able to complete the 4-day Inca Trail, see Machu Picchu, spend an extra day in Cusco, and visit Aguas Calientes! Until then, take care; ciao!


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