(“The Moment Everyone Has Been Waiting For”)

I’m gradually going to begin transitioning this into a bilingual blog for the sake of my much-needed continual Spanish practice in the name of having an easier semester in my university here. Yep, this blog will have imperfect Spanish attempts soon.

Thank you for your understanding in advance…and also, there’s this handy situation called Google Chrome…you can easily bookmark my site (though be sure to bookmark after clicking the yellow flower main banner, or else you’ll be bookmarking one post permanently…which will show up as quite a compliment in my ‘views’ tally toward that post, but you won’t be getting to much out of this blog thereafter..).  Then, you can have Google Chrome automatically have a pop-up screen asking you to translate my page into English- and when you click to translate, it takes less than a second! So I promise I wouldn’t be doing this unless I knew all my readers still had posts easily accessible to them through this handy, reliable translating tool! 

Okay, back to what we’ve been waiting for…checking out Arequipa as tourists! We’re mistaken for tourists *ALL THE TIME* (and recently, I’ve been mistaken as a local twice in a week…pretty cool! Just need to learn to speak like a local now!), so we thought we’d do something about it- grab the cameras, put on a fun outfit, and enjoy everything that is great about being a tourist in Arequipa. Well, we didn’t go to the gringo bar..I don’t think we missed it too horribly, either, though!

As my habit is on this blog, I’m going to let the photos do the talking, and comment with questions/whatever you’d like to say!


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