“Musings of a Beautiful Career”

Thanks to the time and generosity of my host sister, I have been able to assist in a few occupational therapy sessions here in Arequipa. While OT does not present itself in the same format that I’ve seen in the U.S.- that is part of the joy! It is so great to see the benefit of OT present itself in new ways, and for this I am so thankful to have this weekly OT assistant opportunity. It has me thinking of all the great ways that OT can be so, so fun! I’m posting today to share a fun, quick DIY idea, just in case a child may benefit from these ideas on a lovely Sunday with the family, like this one!

1. Spa night!
This could be great emotionally- there are tasks to complete, which take the pressure off of small talk. Doing nothing more than keeping conversation going can be a daunting task to some children, so this can break down a few walls and start the night off nicely! Another important factor is textures! Sugar scrubs, lovely creams, hot water facials with cool masks following…they all factor into some great texture time that is so important for development. The best part is, this is an activity that a mother can just as interested in as their child, meaning this could be a great opportunity for bonding! Finally, physical touch, an ever-important component, is present with giving footbaths, manicures, and pedicures! Make a DIY-spa with calming music, low lights, and some great DIY recipes (that we tried during a girls’ night in honor of International Women’s Day yesterday) here:




Want to hear a sweet story about an even sweeter compliment? My host sister was able to take me to her workplace, a very prestigious preschool, where she does consultations with children to assist them with essential, everyday skills to allow for life growth and ultimately, success in school (pretty amazing work, in my opinion).

While spending the day, the topic fell onto motherhood, and particularily, crazy mothers. You know what? My sister thinks I’m going to be a crazy mother! However, you want to know why? She thinks I’ll be ‘crazy’ considering the norms of U.S. culture as they have been perceived internationally, which is that U.S. mothers are less hands-on and loving, especially in a tactile, hugging, physically caring manner. (She’s really too sweet, okay? I need to learn from her when she becomes a mother, because I know she’ll be the best of the best, just like my other great host sister- who’s expecting in June! I think they’ll follow the path of my Mamaru- which is impressive!)

Show your child some care and tactile love through a warm hug- they’ll appreciate it! I’ll leave you with this great reminder, too-


Also, here’s a little something from our ‘Day of the Women’ spa night- definitely a success!

I will warn you that there was no make-up present...all the better for celebrating the equitable beauty that each one of us naturally has, though!

I will warn you that there was no make-up present…all the better for celebrating the equitable beauty that each woman naturally has, though!


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