Readers, may I introduce you to the best travel accessory you’ll ever encounter:


She’ll deliver herself to your city with a sweet, tired smile on her face. She’ll take the silliest photos and videos you could ever hope to stay off facebook…as they’re those that scream ‘inside joke’ and ‘no one needs to see this…ever…except us, a lot’. She’ll find the language barrier difficult and a lack of sleep even harder…but these are easily curable with heavy doses of English (thanks to meeting two other U.S. students studying in Lima…will likely be seeing them a few times soon!) and naps amongst the rock quarry in Machu Picchu, or naps in one of many energetic little Mercedes excursion buses…many naps needed to keep this team together.

(Random photo consumption note for post- click on images and scroll through to get a nice little description that is easier to read, plus with better photo quality!)

First of all, I taught her a little about Arequipa. She had a host family for five days, and they were GREAT. She’s quite the poser of the photos; to be specific, this girl GOT SASS for the camera. A little evidence never killed anyone:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mom, I know you’ll want to know that I was with Ann during this time. Here’s evidence that I took quite a bit of time to work on my tourist poses, plus had to seek out photos with good people:

Oh wait, there’s someone out there waiting for the Machu Picchu part? #everybody… Okay let’s quick show our day at the Sacred Valley sites…and fine, I’ll put all my *unedited* shots of Machu Picchu for you to have a great idea of what this wonder of the world really is!
…however, I must note that you MUST go see it yourself. No picture will do it justice. Really, none of them…even the professional ones. Put it on your list and GO SEE MACHU PICCHU, PLEASE!

If my plea for you to love your life that much more with a Machu Picchu trip wasn’t working, Ann has a great line that might make you change your mind. We loved this quote all over our trekking for Machu Picchu, of course here I must display the edited version…and by spit I’m referring to the fact that llamas definitely do spit…frequently..



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