You are amazing in so many ways.

You send me kind letters that still even have a few pieces of Seattle grass in them!

You tell a story how it is…I like this, because it gives the world a few more people to pray for.

You love with all your heart- this makes the family you’re caring for SO lucky to have you.

You care about friends. Once a friend, always a friend.

You’re artistic like CRAZY. I hope you never lose that; you inspire me to pick up a pencil and draw a bit!
You know the value of friendship and remind me of this- hence the best thing you’ll get to a letter until I figure out

how to better utilize the mailing system here…(as it stands now….the mail takes far too long and costs FAR too much…I’m working on it…)


Sina is ABSOLUTELY worth knowing. As for if she’s well known…probably so, but that’s not the point.

SINA. Why are you just so great? Not only is this a letter to you, but also an invitation for you to guest blog a little

about your experience in the U.S. for a year! What have you learned? How have you changed? What has surprised you?

You’ve always been a great friend to me despite the whole international business/it’s always really hard to find ways to see you.

The first few weeks in Peru were a weird adjustment…they were necessary to get to the beautiful spot I’m in today, but they had

their fair share of challenges. However, you’ve been there and you really, really helped me through this difficult time. I truly

thank you for being there for me. It would have been REALLY easy to just ignore what you knew was going on in my life,

but instead- there you were, always asking about how I was, reminding me what worked for you, and maintaining hope in the future.

Sina, thanks for maintaining hope in the future.

This is what my future was, and it is so beautiful because I was strong enough to get through the first tough spot- all the change!

If I just say your name a lot, can you understand how much I care for you and admire you?

(Sina, Sina, Sina, SINA! Hehehe)

You’re a true gem and GIGANTIC blessing in my  life. There are some people where it would be easy to fall out of touch,

but this is why you are that much more important to me- we’ve always actively chosen to remain friends.

Until I can get a real letter sent your way…here’s a little reminder of where we’ve been…

Always a ham for the camera, clearly was not sad for real here.

Always a ham for the camera, clearly was not sad for real here.

As for where we’re going? First of all, I’d really like to visit you soon-ish in Germany.

There’s this, too…




Can’t wait to keep up some great times with lovely Sina by my side emotionally…and of course I hope to see her again

as soon as God’s plan allows! HERE’S TO A BRIGHT FUTURE! I know that’s what awaits you, Sina…and I’m just happy to be a friend

for you throughout the journey!

The future is bright…because of people like you, lovely friend. 🙂

Enjoy your day and I hope you make a guest blog appearance on here PRONTO!

Much love,

Your little ol’ friend Julia


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