My Goodbye to Arequipa

Aug. 14th, 2014: Back in Minnesota, but updating about my final days in Arequipa!

Just a few of my final moments from Arequipa, here and documented! From sweet treats with Angela, to having a night out with the sister and cousin to my sweet friend Maia from France, to dancing at a favorite bar…it was all a lovely finale to an unforgettable ‘casi’ seven months. I’ll be writing more as I can pinpoint what needs to be written first, but before that- THANK YOU to each person that made my experience in Peru what it was (which is amazing). Also- shout-out to Anna- I couldn’t find a recent photo of us to add in here! We’ll have to take one via Skype, yeah? (Karina, you too!) I hope to visit and say hi again to all of you whenever is possible next! You’re high on my travel list. Much love to all of you- whether you’re from Arequipa or from another place and we happened to meet there via the university, mutual friends, or volunteering- I’m thankful for each connection and will try my hardest to see all of you again (bonus- see you again SOON!).

*September 2014 update: As I now have family in Arequipa, because to name them just a ‘host’ family is really an injustice to how much they cared for my wellbeing and how blessed I am to have them as a part of my life…I will be back for all the big events in my sisters’ lives- I am saving up! The Arequipa best friend Anna and I have already become avid ‘Casa y Ideas’ fanatics shopping for that apartment we’d love to share as young career women in Arequipa in 2019…if fate takes us to live for a few years in such a lovely place…yet more importantly, close to a part of my family whom I love. As for now? I am so, so happy to be with my family (the one that raised me…that one…)….I thank them for allowing me this opportunity and I hope to never take for granted the time that I live in their city, as they are my foundation in this life!

I’ll share more about the Twin Cities next- it’s been a really beautiful past two weeks here and the weather has been mostly cooperative, so I’ve been able to do SO much! I’ll share about a new fabulous restaurant discovery just a MILE away from my new university home, too…it’s a new favorite!

Much love, readers; until next post!


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