A Little Bit About Ebitt!

Guess who just turned older than me!!? A pretty inspirational young woman, Elizabeth, that’s who! Why is she an inspiration? Here’s only one account (of many):

1. Thoughtful


This was on HER birthday…?? Crazy girl is TOO thoughtful.

2. Emmel


Note: I’m going to ramble on about a lot of stuff in this next paragraph; non-Elizabeth readers should skip!

Do you know why Emmel was my favorite street in Arequipa? Surprisingly, it wasn’t because of the street’s aesthetics (heheh); I believe it was actually because at the end of that street, I had some AAAAAAAAAAMAZING memories! You are truly my ‘hermana de corazón’ (con Clau, por supuesto). There are so many things that I would not have been brave enough to try without you. You are the only non-professional who I will trust to cut my hair. I loved our spa night with Alexcita ‘painting nails’ while you cut hair all over the deck area, and we coaxed out a little info about a crush of Alexcita’s, and listened to lots of advice on life from your wise host mother and sisters! I’m now remembering our other spa night at my place where I somehow convinced everyone to put questionable oatmeal-fruit-mush on their face as a ‘relaxing experience’. Or making those AWFUL St. Patrick’s Day cookies (that we thought were GENIUS for thirty minutes). Drawing in the park near your house because we didn’t know the city well enough to explore it, touring the sports club that one time, meeting up to enjoy the beach with Jill, sight-seeing and trying out lots of desserts at Tanta, THAT ONE BORING ‘GREAT’ MOVIE THAT WAS SO COLD WE ALL WANTED TAXIS HOME but thought walking would make us warmer, playing with Alexcita in the park, trying out alfajores in EVERY place we saw them over our semester, truffles for your birthday in Arequipa (and now St. Paul too), the day we spent shopping at the really nice mall, moments after class with Frances and Jill and great coffee locations (minus that one time where they had no menu or food to serve…), those ridiculous salsa lessons, talking about fruit markets and RANDOM stuff with OUR PROFESSOR ALAN, everything related to our class in Doctrina Social and all its video requirements, you doing my hair ALL THE TIME and me being SO THANKFUL for it (this continues, thankfully!!), seeing Alexcita’s performance together (and I was accidentally taking tons of pictures of the wrong little girl the ENTIRE time because I hadn’t met Alexcita yet), you and I dealing with Alexcita’s deep-voice ‘singing’ very differently (*could*not*stop*laughing), singing normally with Alexcita and her great (actual) voice, our spinning classes with somewhat lazy instructors, the night picnic, necessary naps before class, getting ready together on weekends, and I was SOOO happy that you were a part of my family’s visit in Arequipa– (it actually meant so much to me for you to wait with me for them to arrive at the hotel). OVERALL, good times with lots of errors–mostly caused by me (on accident!), to be honest (that’s inevitable in life, as we’ve learned)!

The community of your host family was unique and vibrant…and I do miss it, as I’m sure you do too. I cherish when I spent lunch with your family and learned all about the traditions of Holy Week in Arequipa from your kind host father, Carlos. As you know, I miss my family in Arequipa like crazy, and you were always a great addition to all those conversations that took place in our kitchen. Whenever the time is right, I can’t wait to go visit and start cherishing memories with our host families again…I suppose this assumes you’ll invite me over, but you were always very kind to do so. I remember you kindly letting me take over your room for a day and a half when I was sick, and keeping me good company in the hospital and during a soup outing afterwards! I also remember our walks everywhere; in particular, I thought our walks around the track with the mountain views were spectacular. The time you invest into our friendship has always meant the world to me.

3. Elizabeth: The LOVELY Mother of our ‘College Fam’


There’s a reason ES and I ask you practical questions, (generally weather-related before anyone has been outside). You are a calm, wise person with a forgiving, loving attitude! I think it wouldn’t be too crazy to say that both of your roommates love this about you! Also, if you had the attitude I do when it comes to leaking shower pipes and incorrect package shipments, this world would *not* be a better place- we need you!



I’m pretty sure you have tried to reason me through every bad situation I’ve encountered in recent history. This takes patience AND perseverence…and Elizabeth cares enough to go through this process.

5. ‘Next Move’

One thing you’ve taught me through your example is that when something happens that isn’t to your liking, you’re generally not going to dwell on it…you immediately seek the ‘next move’ that moves you on to the new best option. You don’t worry about ‘sunk costs’. This has been SOOOO helpful when I’ve applied what I see in your attitude toward my life. You also take this one step further: you apply your faith to any situation. Through your example, I’ve started to do the same and I now see why God puts such difficult things in a life– because they can create very beautiful things- strength, humility, etc.

6. She’s my best friend


I don’t commonly tear up when writing posts, but I did right here; I’ve had a hard past few days (a post on this soon) and her gentle ways of caring for her roomie were noted with gratitude. Elizabeth: when you go through any difficult time, I want to be there for you. I always want to hear every complaint. I want to know when I’m not acting up to par of our friendship, and I’ll want to fix it. I want to treat you as the person who carries a golden heart…this is what you carry! No matter what distance comes between us in the future, we will stay ‘sisters of the heart’ and you are a friend that I will never be able to replace or could never think of anyone similar to the amazing mix of qualities that you have.

While this post is belated, I hope it still makes you realize even a little bit of how thankful I am to have you as a friend. Thank you for sticking with me when it wasn’t easy; it takes a strong person for this, but a true friend. God knew exactly what He was doing when He made you, Elizabeth! So excited to see your success as it builds on what you’ve already achieved!

Thanks for reading; much love to all you readers- especially Ebitt- HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY!!


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