Fascinating Weather & Poetry Found!

FIRST OF ALL, SPRING IS HERE! Photos to celebrate, yes:

I came across this poem; what do you think? What do you think the author refers to? I like its consideration of new beginnings at the end, which is fitting with Spring weather *finally* arriving in the Twin Cities! Without further ado:

I wanted to be fulfilled by others’ love of my talent

I craved the fame and fulfillment that a masterpiece can bring

I refused to see my creative plan from any other angle;

I would take no other possibility as an option for a better path

I asked another artist for help, and he noticed what money this masterpiece may bring to him

He tried to work with me

I filled in the other artist’s spaces, crossed his t’s, and painted beautiful details in blank parts of his spaces

He made sure to help me; 

he dotted his i’s with precision

12 months; my art became my inner identity

I worked incessantly- though there was less and less to show for it

A certain day came,

My mind forever full of work, but I stepped apart from my grungy work station

Longing for a different perspective, I attempted to see the whole picture

I was displeased; so much still to do.

I just wanted to keep delving into the uncertainty with my perceived control over what I could create…

…alongside my fellow artist, staying along for the end prize

I hurried to mix the correct colors to cover both our mistakes

He’d catch on; this fellow artist had to be inspired by my fruitless work, right?

Another day passed.

I took a break from my painting for a few hours to visit My Creator in prayer.

God led me by hand to back away from my painting, if only for two seconds

He stayed by my side and opened my eyes

In those two seconds, I saw how our work couldn’t compare to His

I cannot control the outcomes of my earnest time poured out onto my piece of art

The paint was poor quality.

My misunderstanding of painting techniques left rash strokes of pain, while regret had torn through the canvas

The colors of red passion had faded

Neither of us two imperfect artists had the courage to invest in expensive precious red for the painting’s repair

So it remained; no red of sacrifice to replicate Jesus’ love

I sat down in confusion

Too many mistakes were on the canvas; I did not believe it would be possible to cover even one

I saw all my weaknesses in what I thought was my greatest talent; my reason to exist

God was still with me; he sat down as well.

God gifted me the grace to let Him repair this canvas.

I wanted a new canvas, but I cried at how selfish this is;

I knew how undeserving I willed myself to become in exchange for the happiness that never arrived

My work left me undeserving of a canvas as clean as a soul after contrition

God didn’t need to see my regret; he still provided the new canvas without hesitation

I experienced a precious gift that I had never before believed in: His unconditional love

Yet I still failed Him continually

I persistently asked if he could make my fellow artist more talented

I asked for Him to put me into contact with famous artists to foster my good intentions of a new creation

I hoped for these artists to surround me and do all the work to ensure a masterpiece; I forget His unconditional love, and I still feel the need to be selfish

Yet I persevere in the trust of His ability to give me the graces to continue as His artist; He called me to be great by Him, though no other souls may ever see my masterpiece

I want Him to be the One to prove the perfection of His timing

Today, I stood up

I reach for the paintbrush with excitement in every fingertip

What great painting will He paint using my life?


What are your thoughts on this poem? I’m posting this with friends of my age in mind. It leaves a peace about our uncertainties, no? Though we are in difficult situations (with difficult people) always, a change of our hearts by turning to Him is incredible (or so I need to remind myself…eeeeh!)

Hoping you have all had a LOVELY week! *SO EXCITED* for the Walk for MS celebrating my amazing friend Marie on Sunday!

Much love, readers!

P.S. Coincidentally, I’m starting to draw/paint again…


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