As promised by the title, here you’ll find out all about me!

The blog’s name ‘Hello to Buenas’ means a few things:

I’m now saying ‘Buenas’ rather than ‘Hello’ for my 7-month stay in Peru (until August 2014)! *To find out about my current return to my second home, visit my new community blog: salmo63.wordpress.com

Something I want this blog to emulate:


 * To be my best, I need faith- I know, not the typical ‘give me caffeine and life is fine.’   When I pray, it definitely allows me to serve others better and DEFINITELY serves me best.

 *I found this amazing thing called ‘occupational therapy‘ and really, really love it. I get SO excited for days when I shadow occupational therapists. I am working toward this as my career and I love each step of the process so far!

* I  try not to blog FOR views. I would just like to have a nice blog to archive a few fun parts of life, and readers are a lovely addition.

As you may have noticed, each post is password-protected. There are three things that we Catholics pray for when beginning the rosary…this is the key to each post (and the goal for each one)…I hope you may understand how to access my posts through this hint!

So now you know all about me. Thanks for visiting the blog.

One more thing. I’ve been advised to put a close-up on the about page as well…

Don't mind me showing off a great scarf.

An opportunity taken to show off a great scarf.

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9 thoughts on “About

    1. Actually, today marks my two-week anniversary here in Arequipa, Peru! I really do love it here- you thought right! 🙂 I’d recommend it in a heartbeat, if you haven’t been here yet!

      1. I’m planning on visiting Colca Canyon in April! I’m quite excited, great to hear it was on your agenda. Did you happen to spend much time in Cusco or Puno, or see the Nazca Lines? We’re getting together trip itineraries and it’s hard to know what’s worth a visit with limited time off from classes! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! Soon I’ll be training for a half marathon (leading into a full marathon) and your blog is JUST the inspiration I need- so glad you’re sharing your adventures as well!

      1. So glad you’re enjoying it! Running is such a fun experience, and I love learning more about it from the blogging community 🙂 ❤ Woot!

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