Independence Day in the Great U.S.A!


Erin and I ended our summer road trip in a great way- celebrating the fourth of July in my neighborhood! Photos below!

IMG_6463 IMG_6464 IMG_6466

A little about Erin (pictured above!)- we met in Marketing class when I was still adjusting after transferring to UST. I remember how kind she was to me; she wrote out her favorite faith groups on campus and gave them to me- and I was basically a stranger to her at the time! (Flashback photos right here):

Fast forward to this year- she’d been doing great things with her life over the year, and I’d been abroad and otherwise generally working crazy hard on my Accounting degree in the other months. We both began attending Campus Ministry retreats regularly, and I started to look forward to share each retreat experience with Erin; she encouraged me to attend a few that I may┬ánot have attended without her enthusiasm, and we both applied for our last retreat together: Kairos! As leaders, we had an amazing time together and I was able to share some moments that I’d never trade for anything else. I will still laugh to think of Erin’s cold room and my basically-penthouse at the first retreat of the year (what happened there?? I really lucked out, haha!!), how she listened to ALL the versions of my talk (and I loved everything she practiced too), how she always goes on adventures to find granola bars with me, how she listens to LONG stories about complicated life matters, how we love the UST fountain….(photos!)…

Erin and I were stargazing during one of the Kairos nights and saw FIVE SHOOTING STARS. This was the first time I’ve ever seen shooting stars in the U.S. (only seen a few in Guatemala before this). God has blessed me with this’s even lead to road trips…!

OKAY, back to the fourth of July theme..

IMG_6498 IMG_6455

IMG_6467 IMG_6480Hope everyone has a lovely Independence Day for all nations that celebrate such a day! Our USA day was lovely- I always forget how great our fireworks displays are each year until they are right in front of me, and I feel so blessed to be near my friends and family for such a great day. I will cherish these memories forever! Much love to my readers.