A Little Bit About Ebitt!

Guess who just turned older than me!!? A pretty inspirational young woman, Elizabeth, that’s who! Why is she an inspiration? Here’s only one account (of many):

1. Thoughtful


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“Musings of a Beautiful Career”

Thanks to the time and generosity of my host sister, I have been able to assist in a few occupational therapy sessions here in Arequipa. While OT does not present itself in the same format that I’ve seen in the U.S.- that is part of the joy! It is so great to see the benefit of OT present itself in new ways, and for this I am so thankful to have this weekly OT assistant opportunity. It has me thinking of all the great ways that OT can be so, so fun! I’m posting today to share a fun, quick DIY idea, just in case a child may benefit from these ideas on a lovely Sunday with the family, like this one!

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Screen shot 2014-01-26 at 10.49.02 PM

So of course I’ll miss Taylor quite a ton, but I might not miss her joking about how this gringa will handle her overpacking madness. It’s funny because it’s true though..I’ll give her credit where credit is due.

I’m writing from Arequipa, Peru next. I love everyone and everything for getting me to this point…if you’re wondering how I feel right now. Just pretty excited and happy and so, so blessed.